Our new products

PRESSITO: Cordless compressor from Einhell

Full compressor power on the go! PRESSITO is the first hybrid compressor from Power X-Change battery system.

Cordless Impact Drill TE-CD 18 Li-i BL (2x2,0Ah)

The Einhell cordless impact drill convinces with more power and a longer runtime thanks to the brushless motor. It even helps you to work with stubborn materials.

Cordless Push Sweeper TE-SW 18/610 Li-Solo

Sweeping becomes child's play with the Einhell cordless push sweeper. At home in the Power X-Change family, it also convinces with power, reliability and flexibility.

Cordless Paint/Mortar Mixer TE-MX 18 Li - Solo

Mixing paints and varnishes and mixing mortar and glue has never been easier than with the cordless paint/mortar mixer from Einhell.

Cordless Rotary Hammer HEROCCO

The Einhell Herocco cordless rotary hammer - an absolute all-rounder. Whether drilling, hammer drilling or chiseling, the Herocco convinces with reliable battery power.

Cordless Mitre Saw TE-MS 18/210 Li-Solo

With the Einhell cordless mitre saw, tangled cables, tripping hazards and a limited radius of action are problems of the past. Materials such as wood, panels, various plastics or parquet can be processed almost effortlessly.

Dirt Water Pump GE-DP 7935 N-A ECO

The Einhell dirt water pump can be used to pump out water from ponds, excavation pits, cellars, etc. It impresses with its high performance and is equipped with Einhell's patented Auqa sensor.

Cordl. Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner TE-VC 18/10 Li-Solo

The Einhell cordless wet-dry vacuum cleaner removes dust, dirt and even liquids - whether at home, in the workshop or garage. The cordless multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is also part of the Power X-Change family.

Universal Spreader GE-US 18 Li-Solo

The Einhell Universal Spreader GE-US 18 Li makes many jobs in your garden or outdoor spaces a lot easier. Whether for fertilizing, sowing seeds or spreading de-icing salt in winter.