Electric plane TE-PL 850 Einhell Expert

Electric plane TE-PL 850 Einhell Expert
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1 809,92 CZK
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2 190,00 CZK
With its impressive performance data, the high-quality RT-PL 82 electric plane is a powerful high-precision tool for experts to tackle challenging planing jobs. It has an automatic parking function to protect the planing knife and the workpiece. A comfortable soft grip ensures safe handling during tough assignments. Chips are ejected either to the left or right as preferred. The TE-PL 850 is equipped with reversible carbide knives which, together with the large knife shaft, achieve perfect planing results. The solid aluminium soleplates have the best sliding properties. The positioning plate comes with three grooves for effortless, high-precision chamfering in various sizes, while the rebate depth stop and parallel guide equip you to perform even challenging jobs with the greatest precision. The knife change tool is accommodated in an accessory depot directly on the plane itself. A practical cable clip for securing the wound-up cable with just a twist of the hand sees the tool neatly stored away after use. The RT-PL 82 electric plane can also be connected to a vacuum extractor.

Automatic park rest
Accessory depot on the machine
Chip ejection to the left or right
Soft grip
Carbide planing knife (reversible)
Large knife shaft for optimum results

Mains supply 230 V | 50 Hz
Power 850 W
Idle speed 15000 min^-1
Planing width 82 mm
Chip depth 3 mm
Rebate depth 18 mm
Solid aluminium soleplates
Positioning plate with 3 grooves for easy chamfering
Cable clip for fixing the wound-up cable
Rebate depth stop
Parallel guide
Weight brutto (kg):
Sada fréz k BT-RO 1200 E  12 ks   FS 12 Einhell - Univerzální sada 12 různých 8 mm frézek pro použití  s vrchními frézkami.
Univerzální sada 12 různých 8 mm frézek pro použití s vrchními frézkami.
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