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A N 1,00 652,89 790,00
The Einhell 18 V 2.,5 Ah PXC Starter Kit is an ideal set for getting started out with the Power X-Change series.
A N 3,25 818,18 990,00
The Einhell M55 E-Box keeps everything neat and tidy and provides mobility. Always ready to hand, always well-arranged, the E-Box M55 is a case which has been specially designed for the general purpose storage of tools and accessories. It makes the stress of searching for tools and their accessories a thing of the past. Everything is stowed away neatly, tidily and ready to hand, and can be easily transported to wherever it is needed. This is ensured by the ergonomic handle, for comfortable carrying. The case has a maximum load capacity of 30 kilograms. Thanks to the splash-proof design, the contents are always safely protected regardless of whether they are in the workshed, the car boot or on site. Also, the soft foam inner lining guarantees no scratches during transportation. This also ensures that Einhell tools are protected - for a long service life for the tools.
A N 4,70 2 057,85 2 490,00
The Einhell cordless angle grinder TE-AG 18/115 Li is the lightest cordless angle grinder of its class and an indispensable helper on many different grinding and cutting jobs. For very smooth operation there is a robust aluminium gearbox and the motor and gearing are separated. Thanks to the softstart function and restart safeguard, the angle grinder starts up smoothly and is safer to use. With its slimline design with ergonomic soft grip and an additional handle which can be fitted flexibly in three available positions, the tool is comfortable to handle. The modified air guidance ensures optimum cooling of the tool and low strain on the gearing during operation. The disk guard comes with a quick-adjust facility which can be adapted with just a twist of the hand to any task. An overload cut-out contributes to greater safety and a longer service life. Thanks to the powerful yet lightweight 3.0 Ah Power X-Change system batteries, the cordless angle grinder lies well in your hand at all times. The innovative lithium-ion technology results in nearly no self-discharging of the batteries, and at the practical battery capacity indicator you can view the current charge level at any time. A high-speed charger is supplied for charging the 3.0 Ah battery within 60 minutes. This angle grinder comes complete with a 3.0 Ah battery and a high-speed charger – but no cutting disk – in a robust transport and storage case. For maximum flexibility, this equipment can be operated with any battery from the Power X-Change family.
A N 9,50 3 462,81 4 190,00
The Einhell TE-MS 18/210 Li – Solo cordless crosscut saw makes tangled cables, tripping hazards, the nuisance of rewinding and a restricted range of operation a thing of the past. As a member of the Power X-Change family the crosscut and miter saw is a versatile tool for use in the workshed, garage and hobby room. The rechargeable battery can also be used in all other devices from the system series. Quickly adjustable settings make it possible to perform work on materials such as wood, panels, all sorts of plastic, or parquet flooring with almost effortless ease. The turntable, for example, has an exact angle adjustment facility for angular cuts. The saw head can be tilted to the left for exact miter cuts. X-Tend workpiece supports enable the settings to be adjusted with just one hand and without the need for any tools. For repeat cutting there is an integrated limit stop. The high-quality carbide-tipped precision saw blade was developed specially for cordless saws. The cutting line laser and the LED lighting enable work to be performed quickly but safely. To fasten the workpiece securely there is an integrated clamp. The sawdust bag or the chip extraction system (extractor connection O 36 mm) help keep the workplace clean and tidy and prevent the accumulation of dust in the air. The compact and low-weight design along with the carry handle make it easy to transport. This product comes without a battery or charger. These are available separately.
A 25,69 2 471,07 2 990,00
TE-AC 230 /24 je efektivní a robustní kompresor pro vysoké nároky. Vysoce kvalitní komponenty a mazací olej zajistí velmi dlouhou životnost a dlouhý běh. Hladinu oleje lze pohodlně kontrolovat průzorem. Pracovní tlak až 8 bar lze nastavit na mnoho aplikací pomocí redukčního ventilu.
A 5,30 2 223,14 2 690,00
Ocelová čepel řezaná laserem a broušená diamantem, motorová hlava se 7 stupni náklonu, hlavní rukojeť se 4 stupňovým nastavením
A N 22,45 3 214,88 3 890,00
Výkon 1 800 W . Při úhlu 90° maximální hloubku řezu 80 mm. Komfortní pracovní výšku 870 mm
A 14,50 4 123,97 4 990,00
Aku sekačka GE-CM 33 Li je vysoce kvalitní, spolehlivý a extrémně výkonný pracovník, který se postará o údržbu velkých travnatých ploch bez závislosti na napájení z elektrické sítě. Je vybavena kvalitními vysokými gumovými koly pro lepší vedení a tah a také pro snadnou manipulaci. Díky novému inovativnímu systému baterií od Einhell je tato sekačka vybavena silnými 18 V bateriemi o kapacitě 2 Ah pro dlouhou dobu provozu.
* Součástí balení je již Starter-Kit 1,5Ah, obj.č. 4512021
A N 2,43 2 966,94 3 590,00
Einhell Starter-Kit DUO Power-X-Change (2x3,0Ah) je určen pro univerzální použití s 2x 3.0Ah PXC bateriemi a PXC duální nabíječkou. Max. bezpečnost je zajištěna proaktivní baterií + inteligentní systém řízení nabíjení. Všechny parametry jsou trvale monitorovány nejmodernějšími komponenty.
A 7,83 1 396,69 1 690,00
Features Handle Float switch 1 x connection angle for hose connectors 1 x 90° angel bracket 38 mm (1 1”) Universal connecton for 19 mm (3/4”), 25 mm (1”), 32 mm (1 1“) and 38 mm (1 1“) hoses High quality floating ring seal Continuously fixable float switch High-quality stainless steel housing
A 3,75 2 057,85 2 490,00
Člen Power X-Change rodiny, 2-rychlostní převodovka pro silné šroubování a rychlé vrtání. Jednoruční sklíčidlo. Automatická aretace vřetena pro snadnou výměnu nástrojů
A N 0,56 1 314,05 1 590,00
The Einhell 18 V/2.6 Ah Power X-Change Plus rechargeable battery is a member of the multifunctional and interchangeable battery system from the Power X-Change series from Einhell. This technology has been developed further to offer enhanced performance: Even more power, even longer lasting - to save both time and money. The rechargeable battery system can be used for all the products from the Power X-Change series. The advantages to the customer are obvious: A single rechargeable battery and a single charger for all tools not only saves significant costs of buying, it also eliminates the untidiness and chaos of having different rechargeable batteries and chargers for each separate tool. Thanks to the innovative Twin-Pack technology, the rechargeable batteries are not only interchangeable, they can even be used in tandem. For extremely energy-intensive applications two 18 V rechargeable batteries are simply used together in Einhell tools specifically designed to be used that way. The 18 V 2.6 Ah rechargeable battery provides maximum safety thanks to Einhell's proactive battery management system. The batteries have a much longer service life, because the charging cycles are adjusted to the specific situation. The high-quality lithium-ion cells are resistant to the self-discharging normally associated with batteries. At the same time the batteries can be recharged at any time without incurring any damage. A three-step LED battery charge status indicator shows the actual charge status at a glance. State-of-the-art components provide permanent monitoring of the parameters during charging. A rubber-coated housing provides excellent impact protection and a firm hold as well. Integrated recessed handles enable the battery to be taken out effortlessly and ergonomically.
A N 0,44 867,77 1 050,00
3 diodová kontrolka kapacity akumulátoru
Teplota a napětí baterie jsou hlídány mikroprocesorem
Pokud budete nabíjet téměř úplně vybitý akumulátor, automatika sama přepne do tzv. opravného módu,
A 2,02 1 479,34 1 790,00
The TE-AP 18 Li – Solo cordless universal saw is a member of the Power X-Change family and is powered by lithium ion rechargeable batteries with a battery management system for a long life. The system battery packs are compatible with all tools from the Power X-Change family. The soleplate, which can be adjusted without tools, ensures optimum use of the saw blade which similarly requires no tools for changing. This universal saw comes with an ergonomic Softgrip and is both pleasant and secure to hold. Additional rubber supports are also fitted to protect the housing. Supplied without battery and charger. These are available separately.
A N 1,92 2 140,50 2 590,00
The Einhell cordless angle grinder Axxio is a practical tool when working in the workshop, home or garage. Powerful cordless and easy to work with - these were the qualities that featured high in the list of design criteria.
A 3,22 1 644,63 1 990,00
The Einhell cordless TE-CS 18 Li-solo hand-held circular saw is compact, light and easy to work with. It is ideal when you need a handy tool anywhere around the home and garden. Because it is a member of the Power-X-Change family, you can take it anywhere work needs to be done. The same high-capacity batteries fit all Power X-Change tools. You can adjust the cutting depth and tilt angle on the cordless circular saw quickly and easily without any tools. A spindle lock makes it easy to swap sawblades with a 10mm or 16 mm bore. High-quality LEDs and a dust vacuum attachment give you a clear view of what you are doing and keep the work area clean. The TE-CS 18 Li-solo cordless circular saw is compatible with the Einhell guide rail which is available separately. You can take Einhell cordless tools virtually anywhere without the need for a power source nearby. With lithium-ion technology, you can forget about tripping over tangled cables, places you can’t reach because the cable is too short and frustrating searches for an extension lead. The saw is supplied without a battery and charger which are available separately.
A N 4,29 1 975,21 2 390,00
The Einhell ARCURRA Cordless Hedge Trimmer is a powerful member of the Power X-Change family from Einhell. The innovative PXC range really delivers with impressive performance and maximum flexibility: The lithium-ion rechargeable batteries can be freely exchanged between the tools in the Einhell system range. The blades of the ARCURRA Cordless Hedge Trimmer are made of laser-cut and diamond-ground steel and are designed for maximum precision and durability. With them, the cordless hedge trimmer achieves a cutting length of 55 cm with up to 2,700 cuts per minute. The ergonomic, narrow handle of the ARCURRA is equipped with a micro-switch. The robust metal gearing ensures that the cordless hedge trimmer is built to last. When trimming the hedge, clippings can be carried away from the top of the edge with incredible ease thanks to the practical collector that is provided. The aluminum cover over the cutters protects the blades, and the sturdy cutter guard offers protection during storage and can also be used for safe transport. Also included in the delivery is an impact protection guard with a holder for wall mounting. This unit is supplied without a battery and charger, which are available separately – for example as a practical starter set. An 18 V Power X-Change battery is required for operation of the Einhell ARCURRA cordless hedge trimmer.

Technical data
Blade length 620 mm
Cutting length 55 cm
Spacing between teeth 18 mm
Cuts per minute 2400 min^-1
A N 1,62 1 727,27 2 090,00
The Einhell cordless multifunctional tool Varrito is a flexible, high-quality helper for extension and renovation jobs. Thanks to its comprehensive features it helps get jobs such as sawing, grinding/sanding or scraping completed effortlessly. It is a member of the Power-X-Change family, so you enjoy all of the advantages of Einhell's high-end lithium-ion technology.
A N 1,15 1 066,12 1 290,00
The Einhell PXC Power X-Boostcharger 6 A charger gets rechargeable batteries from the Power X-Change system series charged up even faster than ever. The same battery for all tools: Power X-Change rechargeable batteries can be used in all the craft tools and garden equipment from the high-performance system series from Einhell. There is a selectable boost mode for significantly reducing the charging times for these rechargeable batteries. Power X-Change devices and tools are quickly ready for action and deliver the power and performance to which users are accustomed. The charging cycles are adjusted to the specific situation, so the batteries also have a much longer service life. In addition, intelligent charging management provides extra safety: For optimum charging, the battery is permanently monitored while charging is in progress. The user is provided with up-to-the-moment information on the battery status while charging thanks to the 6-stage charging system. For user-friendly wall-mounting there are integrated suspension eyelets. The Power X-Boostcharger 6 A can be used universally for all Power X-Change rechargeable batteries.
A N 4,38 3 297,52 3 990,00
Aku vrtací kladivo HEROCCO je spolehlivým a výkonným pracovníkem pro vrtání, vrtání s příklepem, sekání se zámkem nebo bez něj
A N 2,63 1 809,92 2 190,00
Hybridní kompresor Einhell Pressito je multifunkční kompresor s vysokotlakým a nízkotlakým čerpadlem a volbou nízkotlakého sání.
Praktický hybridní kompresor lze provozovat buď pomocí napájecího kabelu nebo vysoce výkonné 18voltové systémové baterie ze série Power X-Change (funkce 6v1).
A 1,25 1 975,21 2 390,00
Max. točivý moment: 180Nm
Výška: 195mm
Délka: 162mm
Šířka: 72mm
Akumulátor: 18V | Li-Ion
Volnoběžné otáčky: 0 / min -1 do 2300 / min
Hmotnost výrobku: 1 kg
Hrubá hmotnost: 1.25 kg jediný balicí
A 2,40 1 148,76 1 390,00
Akumulátorový vyžínač vhodný pro použití pro Power X-Change Battery System.
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