Motor saws

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0,20 958,68 1 160,00
Řetěz 40 cm (56 T) k motorové pile Einhell Grey
4,90 3 049,59 3 690,00
The GC-PC 930 I top-handled petrol chain saw is a compact, handy and efficient tool that convinces as a reliable helper for thinning out scrub and removing branches from trees. Starting the engine of this small chain saw is always easy thanks to its choke and primer, and there is even an additional digital ignition for extra support. The GC-PC 930 I comes with good safety features. Pressure on the finger guard will trigger the chain brake and stop the chain within a few milliseconds. Kickback is prevented if the chain becomes jammed in the wood while sawing. A large, robust claw stop made of metal ensures safe handling at all times, and it also serves as a pivot point when sawing horizontal trunks. In idle mode, the centrifugal clutch disengages the chain from the engine. Thanks to the crank shaft with bilateral bearings, the petrol engine runs with very low vibrations. For high user-friendliness even on long work sessions there is also an integrated anti-vibration system. The cutter rail and chain are lubricated automatically by a practical, automatic chain lubrication system. A cutter rail guard is included in delivery to protect the cutter rail and chain during transport and storage. Warning - This chain-saw is for use by trained tree service operators only.
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