Branches Grinders

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32,00 5 033,06 6 090,00
Tichý elektrický drtič GC-RS 2540 CB je silný a spolehlivý nástroj pro rychlé a tiché drcení větví ze stromů, keřů, křoví a zahradního odpadu. Řezací buben s dlouhou životností silou vtahuje materiál do trychtýře.
27,65 4 867,77 5 890,00
The GC-RS 2540 electric silent shredder is a powerful and reliable tool for the speedy and quiet shredding of tree cuttings, hedge cuttings and garden waste. Its long-lasting cutter drum powerfully draws the material into the large funnel opening. For easy and user-friendly transportation there is a robust chassis with wheels and a practical transport handle. The motor circuit breaker of this electric silent shredder protects the motor against overloading. Safe operation is also assured by a safety switch and a restart safeguard. The GC-RS 2540 has a switch for reversing the direction of rotation of the cutter drum. This is provided for the quick and effortless removal of blockages. This electric silent shredder also comes with a garden waste bag.
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