Get the water flowing for your home and garden! Einhell's domestic waterworks and automatic domestic waterworks are perfect for environmentally friendly water supply in your home and garden. Connected to the toilet, the washing machine or the garden hose, the pumps supply you with service water from wells, rainwater barrels or cisterns. With the right water supply in your house and garden, you will become an real enabler for all domestic water-related projects!

The range of different (automatic) domestic waterworks from Einhell

Depending on your individual needs, there are a number of different domestic waterworks and automatic domestic waterworks that you can use to boost the water supply in your home. While the domestic waterworks always temporarily stores some domestic water for use in the home and garden, the automatic domestic waterworks operates independently at any time when water is required, without temporarily storing water.

Domestic waterworks

The large integrated steel pressure boiler can store up to 8 litres of water, so that the pressure switch does not have to set the pump in motion when less water is required. Our ECO models also impress with more output and lower power consumption. A water level gauge, a dirt gauge and a pressure gauge in some devices allow you to read the water level, the condition of the filter and the suction pressure at a glance, as well as other things, and react immediately if the pressure changes. For a particularly long service life, some models are equipped with a high-quality mechanical seal and a stable pump housing. Additional protection against damage is also provided by a dry-running safety device installed in many devices, scald protection and a thermal protection switch. Depending on the model, durable suction and pressure connections made of high-quality metal and a second pressure connection are integrated. With all these features, the devices from Einhell convince on all fronts!

Automatic domestic waterworks

Einhell automatic waterworks allow you to supply domestic water and irrigate your lawn in a cost-effective and natural way. They are used to obtain clear water for domestic use and garden irrigation from reservoirs such as shafts, wells and cisterns. Depending on the model, there is a large water filler screw or opening for easy filling with water. The water is conveniently drained via a water drainage screw. The automatic function ensures that the pump is automatically switched on and off for water extraction. In some models, a practical suction indicator provides you with continuous information about the current suction pressure and the suction height of the pump via a pressure gauge. Just like the domestic waterworks, the devices are particularly durable due to high-quality pressure connections and mechanical seals. An integrated handle ensures that you can easily transport the automatic domestic waterworks. In addition, all automatic domestic waterworks are equipped with safety features such as a dry-running protection and, depending on the model, scald protection or thermal protection.

Discover Einhell's (automatic) domestic waterworks and find out which device best suits you and your water and pressure projects. Einhell domestic waterworks guide

What to look out for when purchasing waterworks

There is a wide selection of different water pumps. Therefore, you should inform yourself all the more precisely before buying domestic waterworks, and think carefully about which functions you need and which projects you have planned with the devices. There are a few key factors to consider.

Suction height, output and flow rate

The local conditions, the individual requirements and the required delivery height are decisive for the intake height. For example, if you have a cistern in the garden, the water level will vary depending on the time of year, being higher when there is a lot of rainfall and lower in dry periods. The suction height is therefore influenced by the size of the cistern and the height of the water level inside. If the water level is low, your pump will need more power to pump the water out of the tank. However, you should also pay attention to the flow rate, i.e. how many litres of water the domestic waterworks can pump per hour. If you use the plant or the automatic domestic waterworks, for example, for garden watering, and you have a lot of flowers, shrubs and vegetable beds to water, you need more output than in a small, less planted garden. Depending on the model, our domestic waterworks and automatic domestic waterworks deliver between 3,300 and 5,000 litres per hour. With this selection, you can find the right domestic waterworks for every requirement!

Water reservoir or space-saving pump

Depending on whether you opt for domestic waterworks or automatic domestic waterworks, both types of pumps have their advantages. The domestic waterworks store up to 8 litres of water in the pressure vessel, so that there is a constant pressure in the boiler. The stored water is sufficient for flushing the toilet, for example, after which water is automatically pumped back into the boiler. In comparison, however, automatic domestic waterworks are more space-saving, since the devices do not require a pressure vessel. If the pressure in the appliance drops – for example, because the washing machine is switched on, the toilet is flushed or the garden hose is used, the automatic domestic waterworks will switch on automatically through the pressure switch and only convey as much water as you are currently consuming. If no more water is requested, the pump switches off. This is why automatic domestic waterworks are also known as automatic home and garden pumps.

Quality and service life

Even in frost and heat in summer, the devices must constantly deliver full power. Protection mechanisms such as overload protectionfrost and thermal protection as well as protection against dry running should be available. In addition, the pump housing should be made of a robust, high-quality material. If you use your automatic home and garden pump, or your domestic waterworks, for garden watering and do not need the device in winter, a water drain screw is useful. To prevent damage to the pump due to the expansion of the water when freezing, you can simply drain the water from the pump to protect against frost.