Just as the lawn is the central element in most gardens, the lawn mower is the central tool for its maintenance. Your lawn should be lush green, even, resilient and well kept all around. With an Einhell lawnmower – whether corded, cordless or petrol-powered – this task becomes a pleasure. Our powerful and durable lawnmowers will tackle even dense vegetation in your garden, on green areas on the edge of your property or on your own meadow and forest trails. Clever detailed solutions guarantee that soil and plants are treated as gently as possible. Speed, cutting height and even the push handle adapt to you, not the other way around. Because buying an Einhell petrol-powered, cordless or electric lawnmower means experiencing freedom!

The different lawn mowers from Einhell and their advantages

Cordless lawn mowers from Einhell

No fumes, no pulling and tugging on the cable... just plug in the Power X-Change batteries and get started. With a cordless lawn mower from Einhell you can enjoy cordless freedom for your home's garden. Equipped with the Power X-Change battery system, you can work independently of fixed power sources and fossil fuels. Depending on capacity and cutting width, these are suitable for lawns of up to 700 m² and are easy to manoeuvre thanks to their comparatively low weight and continuously variable wheel drive.

Petrol-powered lawn mowers from Einhell

Einhell's petrol-powered lawn mowers are a powerful and robust aid for your garden, for green areas, meadows and forest trails. Where dense vegetation requires a powerful cut, our petrol-powered mowers are the best choice among Einhell lawn mowers. The best part: If, after many square metres have been worked, you find the tank is empty, work can be resumed again in just a few seconds. With their continuously adjustable wheel drive, they can support you on rough terrain, but are always gentle on the ground.

Electric lawn mowers from Einhell

Just like their battery-powered counterparts, Einhell's electric lawn mowers also score points for low noise level and low weight. Their biggest advantage: Thanks to their cable connection to the power source they are our most durable mowers. No batteries to be charged, and no tank to be filled. Even with wet grass, large areas or undergrowth, electric lawn mowers never let up thanks to their constant power supply and deliver a well-kept lawn even when the going gets tough – with no effort for you thanks to the wheel drive.

Hand lawn mowers from Einhell

If you want to mow smaller areas (less than 250 m²) quietly, effortlessly and in an environmentally friendly way, our manual lawnmowers are the perfect choice. With their power-driven spindle, they cut the grass as deep and clean as on a golf putting green. Smooth-running, ball-bearing mounted mowing spindles with steel cutting blades, multi-stage height adjustment and large wheels that are gentle on the lawn ensure that mowing is not strenuous for you or your lawn.

Our petrol-powered, cordless and electric lawn mowers offer many practical features that make working in your garden at home even easier and more convenient. Here you can find out what special functions our individual models have in store for you. The Einhell lawn mower guide

Here's how to find the right Einhell device for you

Petrol-powered lawn mowers, cordless lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers, or hand lawn mowers – the right device for your garden depends on a number of different factors. To help you find the right model, we'll describe them in more detail for you below.

Greater surface areas require greater endurance

The first important factor is the size of the surface area to be mown. Although hand lawn mowers don't have motors and therefore don't require any fuel or electricity, these are only suitable for smaller areas, due to their comparatively low area output. Petrol-powered lawn mowers, cordless lawn mowers and electric lawn mowers with powerful motors, on the other hand, can handle larger areas without a problem. For the latter, however, the availability and suitable position of a socket and a correspondingly long cable must be ensured.

Cutting width creates area output

When it comes to the surface area size, the cutting width is also an important decision factor: the larger the area, the larger the cutting width should ideally be. This means that even large areas of lawn can be covered in a reasonable amount of time. Einhell offers its petrol-powered, cordless battery-powered and wired electric lawn mowers with different cutting widths.

Grass length and frequency of mowing

The frequency of mowing determines the length of the blades of grass to be mown. The longer they are, the more power the mower requires to cut and transport grass clippings into the grass catcher. In this context the cutting height also plays a decisive role. The deeper the mowing, the longer the individual blades of grass that the mower must cut and collect.

Noise volume may also be a factor to consider

Especially in densely built-up areas, the volume of the lawn mower can play a decisive role. Cordless lawnmowers and electric lawnmowers score more points here, as they do not require a loud combustion engine. Compared to petrol-powered lawn mowers, they do their work almost whisper quietly and without bothering the neighbours.

Wheel drive for uneven terrain

On flat surfaces a wheel drive for the rear axle is usually not necessary, here the pushing force of the operator is usually sufficient. The situation is different for hilly, impassable terrain. Here, a powerful rear-wheel drive, as offered by most models in the Einhell range, is an absolute must if you don't want mowing the lawn to cause sore muscles.

Fertilising with the mulching function

Subsequent use of the cut grass should also be considered. Collected in the standard catcher, you can then simply throw it on your compost heap or dispose of it in your organic waste bin. If the model of your choice has one, you can alternatively use the mulching attachment, which is also often standard equipment, which further chops the grass after mowing and then spreads it directly on the lawn as fertiliser. How you can benefit: This saves you work and is also good for your lawn.

In our FAQs section, we answer your most frequently asked questions about our lawn mowers. Have more questions about our cordless lawn mowers?

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find an overview of the most important questions and answers about our lawn mowers.

Why does the grass stay where it is when mowing?

There could be a number of different reasons as to why grass is left behind while mowing. For example, this is often because the grass is simply too long or too wet. If these two reasons do not apply, why not try simply reducing the driving speed when mowing your lawn.

What actually is mulching?

When mulching, the cuttings are shredded in the closed mower housing and distributed over the lawn again. By distributing the cuttings, the soil is enriched with nutrients again and the soil is also protected from drying out too quickly. In general, it can be said that any lawn mower can also be used for mulching, or that this possibility exists, but certain conditions should be observed:

  1. Mulching is only possible on relatively short lawns.
  2. Use of the mulching blade – to achieve an optimum result.
  3. Unhook the catcher basket/box, insert the mulch adapter into the discharge opening and close the discharge flap.

Not satisfied with the cutting result from your lawn mower?

Is your lawn mower not making a clean cut anymore? Then you should check the lawn mower blades to see if they are worn (regrind or replace the blades), or check to see if you have set the wrong cutting height (correct the cutting height).